Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Non-spanish residents will have the same discounts as aego members and la pedra club members


- 1st place 300 €
- 2nd place 200 €
- 3rd place 100 €
- There will be go books for the players with most wins.
- Special prize courtesy of Aego

There was also a surprise special prize courtesy of Lluis Oh 6d, consisting in 10 baduk books, in Korean but with a sheet containing translation to Spanish of baduk terms. The club is very thankful to him.


Saturday, February 21:
09:00 registration / confirmation of attendance
09:45 registration closes, pairing 1st round
10:00 first round
13:00 lunch
15:00 second round
18:30 third round

Sunday, February 22:
09:30 fourth round
12:30 fifth round
15:00 cocktail + prize giving ceremony

Entry fees

up to February 13th
on site / after February 13th
younger than 18 years old or rating weaker than 18k
10 EUR
aego members / la pedra club members 
12 EUR

16 EUR

other players
15 EUR

20 EUR


This link is no longer available, and has been removed to avoid spammers who use online forms.


- MacMahon 5 rounds
- Time: 60 min main + byoyomi 5 min / 20 stones
- Ruleset: japanese, as it is published in english at and translated to spanish at

EGF ratings will be applied strictly. Prevent the organizers at least 2 weeks in advance if you have a consistent reason against that. 

Registered Players

The following players have submitted the registration form. The list is numbered by registration ordering.

01. ES 12k Marc-Ignasi Corral
02. ES 1d Pablo Morales
03. ES 2k Jordi Urmeneta
04. ES 2d Antonio Egea
05. ES 9k Miguel Murat
06. ES 2k Julio Martinez
07. ES 1k Junko Matsuura
08. ES 2k Fernando Avanzini
09. ES 3d Oscar Anguila
10. ES 7k Oscar Tora-Giner
11. ES 6d Yue Li
12. KR 3d Na-Yeon Kang
13. KR 15k Da-Yeong Kang
14. KR 7d Chi-Min Oh
15. ES 1k Albert Sanchez
16. ES 1k Angel Pina
17. ES 5k Ferran Diego
18. ES 2k Nil Garcia
19. ES 4d Cesar Sanchez
20. ES 3d Pau Carles
21. ES 5k Isabel Barros
22. ES 7k Francisco-Jose Marcelo
23. ES 1k Artur Gascon
24. ES 7k Fatima Pertinez
25. ES 9k Carlos Sanz-Garcia
26. FR 8k Guy Puigsegur
27. FR 15k Emmanuel Chauveau
28. ES 7k Gregorio Morales
29. ES 4d Ignacio Cernuda
30. FR 5k Pierre Averous
31. FR 8k Christophe Averous
32. ES 10k Daniel Pellicer
33. ES 12k Miguel Pellicer
34. ES 10k Jordi Jane
35. ES 10k Ricardo Martin
36. ES 6d Lluis Oh
37. ES 17k Elena Moon
38. CN 5k Yinjie Ni
39. ES 9k Araceli Checa
40. ES 1k Andres Tallos
41. ES 1k Tsutomu Watanabe
42. ES 7k Juan-Jesus Ligero
43. ES 2k Miguel-Angel Castellano
44. BE 13k Frederic Derycke
45. ES 3k Albert Ardevol
46. XX 3d anonymous1 anonymous1
47. XX 20k anonymous2 anonymous2
48. XX 20k anonymous3 anonymous3
49. XX 20k anonymous4 anonymous4
50. ES 2d Francesc Fernandez-Estall
51. ES 1k Sergio Perez
52. ES 5k Gorka Perez
53. FR 7k Celine Maurin
54. ES 5k Jose-Manuel Tena
55. ES 5k Jordi Gene
56. ES 2k Dionisio Barrasa
57. UK 5d Matthew Cocke
58. ES 2d Joan Alemany
59. ES 7k Zurine Otxoa
60. ES 18k Jordi Gaset
61. FR 16k Emmanuel Pinglier
62. ES 3k Rafael Aguilar
63. ES 2d Joan Pons
64. ES 9k Javier Abal
65. ES 4k Carlos Casanovas
66. UK 8k Richard Mullens
67. ES 14k Pablo Alvarez
68. ES 8k Jordi Garcia
69. AT 1k Christian Palmers
70. ES 17k Samuel Mana
71. IT 5k Ivano Taldo
72. UK 3d Piers Shepperson
73. FR 6k Pierre-Yves Christmann

Last updated on Tuesday, Feb 19, 13:10

Side events

There will be breakfast and bar service all the week-end ... The following social activities, basically meals related are also expected.

Friday night:
Meeting point at Wan Zhen restaurant (there are go boards :)
You can contact organizers there to confirm your registration and save you (and everybody) time the next morning.

Saturday noon:
Lunch, in a nearby restaurant

Saturday night:
Buffet dinner at Wan Zhen restaurant.

Sunday noon:
Closing ceremony cocktail!