Tuesday, February 24, 2009

short report by Julio Martinez

Barcelona tournament was excellent and we really enjoyed the games. On Friday we had a workshop with Chimin, and the best funny part was when our local teacher, Lluis Oh, started to discuss with him about a new korean joseki which we (people in Barcelona) are using often. Every night we went to a Chinese restaurant were we have boards, and played friendly rengo games. The weather was quite cold (cold for Barcelona, around 8C) but the tournament venue was really centric, so a lot of people use free time to do some sightseeing. There were around 80 players, people from France, Germany, Austria, UK, Italy and Spain. Chimin was first, Lluis Oh second and Matthew Cocke from UK got the third place after beating Li Yue (who currently lives here) in an interesting game with an unexpected invasion. The on-site bar was the meeting point after each round (or even during the round), with cheap prices. Finally after the prize ceremony we ate non-stop a lot of Spanish "tapas", that some organizers prepared for all the players.

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